Tuesday, March 6, 2012

[Lyrics] Guilty Crown Soundtrack Compilation

Performed by :
Mika Kobayashi
Aimee Blackschleger
David Whitaker
Michiyo Honda

  1. Bios / βίος (Performed by Mika Kobayashi)

  2. Home, In This Corner (Performed by Leina)

  3. Close Your Eyes (Performed by Michiyo Honda)

  4. Ready to Go (Performed by David Whitaker)

  5. Real (Performed by Cyua)

  6. Release My Soul (Performed by Aimee Blackshleger)

  7. Hill of Sorrow (Performed by mpi)

  8. Friends (Performed by mpi)

  9. Euterpe (Performed by Egoist)

  10. Departures (Performed by Egoist)

  11. My Dearest (Performed by Supercell

  12.  The Everlasting Guilty Crown (Performed by Egoist)

  13. Kokuhaku (Performed by Supercell)

  14. キミソラキセキ{Kimi Sora Kiseki} (Performed by Egoist)

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